Indian Head Massage


What is Indian head massage?

A tradition originally practiced in India by female members of the family, working on the scalp and hair. Barbers then stared to offer it to the men when they had their hair cut and became known as “Champi”. The massage spread to the western world and the Hindi work Champied meaning head massage became known as shampoo.

Today Indian Head massage includes upper back, shoulders, neck , face and upper arms. It is now an holistic therapy developed by Narendra Mehta a blind physiotherapist, who was dismayed to find whilst training as a physiotherapist in England in 1970 that head massage was not included in a full body massage. He went back to India researching head massage and further developed the techniques with his skill to include the upper body parts. He then studied the ancient Indian medical system Ayurveda and included the Chakra system into his treatment. Narendra found the benefits of these subtle energies very powerful and felt he needed to change the name of his therapy, as it was no longer a basic head massage.

shoulder and neck masage

How can Indian Head Massage help?

Champissage is a combination of techniques that concentrate on the upper body, relieving neck and shoulder tension, stress, headaches and helps to increase mental clarity. It is relaxing and invigorating. It also helps to balance the energy centres (Chakras) thus promoting general health and well-being.

What happens when you go for a treatment?

On your first treatment a brief medical history and lifestyle questionnaire is taken to obtain a holistic picture of your needs. All information given is strictly confidential. The massage is tailored to your needs and comfort, and can be done with or without oils, either sitting in an upright chair or lying on a couch.


The sessions generally last 30 minutes, a 60 minute session can include a Reflexology treatment on the feet or hands or you may just want to relax on the couch before the final sequence.

During treatment

Treatment begins with a few deep breaths to relax. Then a combination of light to deep massage techniques are used over the upper back, shoulders, and neck before moving on to the head and face. The head is massaged using special techniques, working on the zones on the head from the forehead to the nape of the neck, followed by therapeutic  facial massage.

I will finish the sequence with gentle sweeps over the head and then massage the zones on the face and ears. The treatment will end with chakra balancing techniques, leaving you refreshed and energized.

How can Indian Head Massage help me?

Indian Head Massage (Champissage) can benefit young and old alike!

The workaholic: a 30 minute treatment during the lunch break, clears the mind, relaxes, and energises the body.

The busy parent: renews their energy to help them cope with their busy schedule.

The hyperactive child: calms, relaxes and promotes sleep.

The teenager: concentration levels improve and their anxiety alleviated. Perfect during exam periods for example, when anxiety levels are high.

Parent to be: tension, worry, washed away by the therapeutic touch of an Indian Head Massage.

Head To Toe – total bliss! treatment includes Reflexology hands and feet. 

Home visit by arrangement