Reflexology Maternity Care


Sarah Hurley FMAR, mother of two, has the sensitive, therapeutic touch to help you cope during pregnancy.

She works in Chelsea Community Hospital School and Child Development Centre and has a Private clinic in Chelsea.

The treatment also works towards helping you prepare the body for conception and supports fertility treatments. It is known to be beneficial for helping new mums recover their physical and emotional vitality after giving birth. 


The combination of Reflexology and Indian Head Massage may help to ease muscular aches and tensions, especially in reproductive areas, there is a view that reflexology helps to balance the hormones, I believe this is due to the relaxing and calming influence of the treatment and when given in an atmosphere of nurturing may therefore promote general health and well being. pregnant side view

Reflexology— 60 minutes

My aim is to helps you cope with the physical and emotional changes throughout your pregnancy and prepare you for labour. Near your due date I will apply reflexology techniques to  reflexes on the feet and hands that might  help in encouraging labour. I will also show you and your partner techniques that can be used during labour to help you  cope and feel calm during your birthing experience.

 Treatment begins with a brief consultation followed by a full reflexology session. Shoes and socks are removed for foot reflexology,   base oil  is applied to the feet.


The techniques applied work towards helping the body release tensions, especially in the reproductive area, my aim is to calm and relax therefore helping to balance the hormones and emotions, ease anxiety, promote general health and well being. There is a view that reflexology may help in turning baby’s prior to labour by applying pressure on specific reflex points on the feet, other reflex points are used when a baby is late or inducement is needed.

I have treated clients in the 1st stage of labour and postnatal at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

The Sheer Bliss Treatment — 90 minutes

The unique combination of Reflexology, Natural Lift Facial Massage, Indian Head Massage and Visualisation: I work towards helping  you release all your anxiety and to help soothe away all your aches and pains to promote a feeling of rejuvenation.

Deeply relaxing & rejuvenating, before, during and after birth

A warm welcome awaits you, you may change into a robe or feel happy to just soak your feet into a warm bowl of water softened with pure non essential organic oils. This is followed by Sarah’s unique combination of reflexology feet/hands & Indian Head Massage. A full reflexology treatment, followed by a gentle massage to the face, head, neck and shoulders.


Pregnancy Indian Head Massage

During pregnancy a lighter pressure is used which may help ease common problems such as high , back pain, sinuses, and headaches.

The treatment is relaxing and therapeutic and is excellent for calming the mind, I use visualisation and meditation techniques to enhance my treatments.

Home visit by arrangement