Natural Lift Facial Massage








What is Natural Lift FACIAL Massage? 

A combination of Facial Reflexology, Acupressure (Zone Facial) , Japanese and Indian Facial Massage Techniques. 

This unique Facial Massage technique may help you to look and feel younger by releasing facial tension, which can cause lines and wrinkles. 

This Natural Face Lift Massage has the same effect as an acupuncture face lift without the use of needles. Regular firm massage on certain pressure points of the face may help improve muscle building and skin tone. When we lose our muscle tone we lose or youthful look. 

 The benefits of this unique treatment: 

 No side effects, compared to facial surgery.                                       

 No tools are used only the therapist hands 

Natural non-invasive approach to feeling and looking younger 

Sarah will also show you how to apply the various facial pressure points 

into your daily routine.  



 Home visit by arrangement