Baby/Toddler Reflex Workshops



A blue print for the essential early bonding. The loving touch is a bonding process between parent and baby, sibling and baby, and family and baby. This loving touch generates in the baby a feeling of contentment and pleasure.

Children and teenagers, who have had that loving touch given to them as babies and toddlers, are empowered with greater ability to cope with relationships with family and friends. None of us remember the loving touch given to us as infants. Our brain and body have recorded this touch in a communicating network of patterns. This special communicating network is mainly completed by the time the child is four years old.


Baby reflex is a special set of Reflexology techniques that help parents to bond with their babies. The gentle techniques, of touch on the baby’s feet and hands, create in the baby a feeling of pleasure and relaxation. These sensations enhance the special loving touch already set up between parent and baby which is creating bonding between them. 

Parents who find bonding difficult with their baby will find that baby reflex helps to promote a gentle touch which makes that bonding with their baby easier and the parents find that they feel more confident to cope with their initial reluctance to touch their baby.

The loving touch between parent and baby is a gentle way to help babies flourish. The gentle touch encourages the communicating network of patterns in the baby’s brain to grow.

Baby reflex enhances that loving touch and by helping bonding between parent and baby, helps the process of networking communications set up in the baby. The loving touch is a gentle way to assist in the optimum creation of pattern making in the baby’s brain.  These can be called “the pleasure pathways”.

Children at a young age are aware of the pleasure of being praised with “well-done!” even for achieving a simple task. The happiness they feel from being praised is related to the early “pleasure pathways” formed by the loving touch in infancy.   

The important effect of the LOVING TOUCH, given by parents to their infants, can be re-activated in children, teenagers, adults and the elderly.

Parents will find that the baby reflex techniques, adapted to the child’s growth, will continue to encourage bonding between parent and baby in the crucial first four years of a child’s life. 

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