Hi Sarah, bub finally arrived last night, 7lb 3oz. First contraction/mucas plug started at 6.30pm, got to hospital at 8.45pm, bub born at 10.03pm ..very quick! No pain relief at all except for my plastic comb which I used on my hands..reflexology is amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! xx
Dear Sarah,
Thank you for your help in working with me ahead  our birth. Our baby arrived after more than two days of contractions and labour. We used all the instructed pressure points – husband was even showing the midwife some points – although as the baby was 4.9kg we needed some instrument help in the end. But at least we avoided a c-section – as I’d managed to dilate enough, which I couldn’t have done without the extra training with you and my hypro practice. Many thanks – and best wishes for 2013 to you. Kirsten
Thank you so much Sarah :) I’m so grateful for what you did for me with your treatments and especially that you came to see me  on Sunday. We used the point the whole time and that was my pain relief. My partner was impressed when he saw how well it worked so we’re spreading the word about you. I’m really looking forward to see you and have another treatment :) Love Siri.
I’m having post-natal reflexology sessions to get rid of back pain. The sessons by Sarah really help with pain, but also give so much energy and calmness.
I just love them, I already recommended Sarah’s reflexology to friends.

Dear Sarah

Thank you so much for your wonderful treatments. You helped me with a natural induction of labour using acupressure and i am very grateful for this. Your combination of reflexology, massage, acupressure and strong intuition is very healing, and was amazing in the postpartum period. I find your treatments very relaxing and you picked up my psychological/spiritual issues exactly. I greatlyappreciate your compassion and advice!

All the best to you


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 Dear Sarah
We had a little baby girl at 11 this morning- weighing 7lbs 10oz!!
The induction went perfectly until the very end when the baby being back to back meant a forceps delivery, such a shame. Your techniques were amazing up until the epidural stage – which I was desperate for by the time it came!! We cannot thank you enough xx
Hi Sarah,
Our daughter was born on Friday morning, 15th April, as you said – no induction. We had a natural birth in the birth centre.
Thanks to your words and that you showed me the pressure points on my back!
Thanks a lot for everything!
Thanks so much for tonight Sarah, u are such a shining light, u keep me v centred.
You honestly make such a difference!  xx
Thank you so so much for coming to see me today. You were a tower of strength and I really mean that, after the treatment I felt positive and ready for the birth. Had a divine baby boy this  evening at 8:25pm, 6. 13 in weight. All good, thank you thank you again lovely Sarah for all you have done.
xxx Lucy
8th Nov. 2010
Hi sarah, did not manage to text you a big thank you for the great prenatal preparations. I was really able to cope with the contractions!
Thanks again
S. R.
21th Aug 2010
Hi sarah, so we’re now parents!
I went into labour wed arvo and had been in the pool at 5.30 on thur arvo. He’s 53cm long, 8pounds 10 ounces and just gorgeous. Thanks so much for all your care and advice, I had Steve working the pressure points, I did have pethadine as i was at 3cm for 7 hours with his head still high and then I suddenly went to 9 in an hour and it all went quickly.
Thanks for everything.
Best Bronwyn
Hi Sarah,
I hope you are well. I’m really pleased to say that we are all well and doing great. Our baby boy, Lucas Max, was born just after midnight on Wednesday 2nd June. It was a natural birth in the birth centre with no complications, which is exactly what we wanted. I went into labour early in the morning (around 5am) and managed to stay at home until 8pm. I used the breathing technique you taught me and the wave imagery, and it got me through those 15 hours at home very well. I started using the Tens machine but decided after the first 2 hours that I didn’t need it so I turned it off and just used the breathing. It was tough to stay on top of the pain/panic every now and then but Nick calmed me down and I managed to regain control.
After 15 hours we got the hospital and I was only 4cm dialated. Although I was disappointed that I was still so early on in labour, I was far enough for them to let me stay in hospital. Things then escalated very quickly and I had the baby just over 4 hours later. Through stage 2 of labour I also used the breathing and the imagery. In the end I used some gas and air but only for an hour or so and the pushing phase was all done with the breathing and sound you taught me.
Everything went really well using the techniques you taught me.
Thank you so much for your help and guidance, I really appreciate it. I attach a photo of our big boy (he weighed 4.1kgs and measured 54cm!) so you can see how lovely and happy he is.
Take care
Dear Sarah,

I just wanted to give you a big thank you, for all the wonderful reflexology sessions that I’ve had with you. I have been having sessions for over three years now, especially during my pregnancy. These increased hugely as my due date approached. I had a wonderful pregnancy. I never had a single moment of sickness, indigestion or other ailments associated with pregnancy, and I am sure this was largely attributed to my sessions with you Sarah.

Best wishes


——————————————————————————————————————–Dear Sarah,

When I started my reflexology during my pregnancy, I was a little apprehensive about the labour. Sarah put my mind at ease and told me to visual holding my baby and to take myself off to a memorable place during the contractions. When my contractions started, I called Sarah and had reassurance from her that I was doing ok. I managed by myself at home for up to four hours; I remembered what Sarah told me and was in control. When I got to the hospital, I was still in control and I managed to deliver my baby son, the way I wanted, without gas and air and in a calm way.

Thank you Sarah, for your support and wonderful sessions.

Bisi, London

———————————————————————————————————— DeaSarah,

I came to you for reflexology the day before I was due to be induced and I just wanted to let you know that the birth of my baby daughter went fantastically.  I am absolutely convinced that it was a direct result of the reflexology you gave me, before I was induced and together with my husband, I made sure to massage the pressure points indicated in a diagram that you gave me.… The result was an extremely short labour for a first birth — less than 5 hours with only about 15 mins pushing andabsolutely no pain relief whatsoever (other than a paracetemol!) It was a very positive experience and I feel sure it was down to the acupuncture and reflexology. I am certainly recommending both treatments to any expectant mothers that I meet! I am very grateful indeed to you and your colleague (unfortunately I did not keep a note of his name), and would like to pass on my thanks to you both.

If I ever have a second child, I would very much like to keep in contact for further treatment, and wonder if you would mind letting me have your contact details if for any reason you move away from the baby clinic.

Many thanks once again

Kate Richardson

————————————————————————————————————————–Sarah is a very gifted healer.

She is able to bring many high spiritual energies into a treatment and can be a powerful catalyst in bringing about positive changes in people’s lives. She is not only able to intuit what is going on with an individual but is also able to express what she sees clearly and powerfully to clients. in some ways she is like a spiritual midwife, helping clients bring forth parts of themselves that have been gestating and are now ready to be born.


Nick Hughes (Homeopath)

———————————————————————————————————————–My first reflexology appointment was on Valentine’s Day 2005, it was a present to myself and it’s the best thing I have ever done. Sarah, has helped me in transforming my whole life, and I have grown in so many positive ways, that once I could only have imagined.


I now feel I am on the right path of my life purpose. This, in turn has given me confidence and I feel I now have the strength to give help to others on their journey of life.

Sarah gives reflexology with a sprinkling of magic.

Saira Saeed

————————————————————————————————————————–“I have had treatments with Sarah both pre and post babies and have visited the planet of bliss after every one of them (and for days afterwards).


For me Sarah’s treatments are a total chance to be nurtured and rebalanced. I cannot recommend a treatment with Sarah highly enough. It can be hard to find a practitioner who is well qualified and who knows what they are doing, coupled with that, someone who has such an amazing, precious gift of healing. That’s a skill that can’t be learnt, and that Sarah has in abundance.”

Natalie (Naturopath)

————————————————————————————————————————-Hi Sarah,


It’s Rhonda,

I just wanted to let you know that I went to have my operation on Thursday, and they did some routine test’s one being a pregnancy test, and believe it or not it came back POSITIVE!!!! I’m pregnant! After all these years of trying, and IVF, we’ve done it naturally, and having Reflexology is the only thing I’ve done differently this cycle.

So I’m sending you this e-mail to say a huge Thank You!!! I really think you’ve helped me……

Much love and thanks, Rhonda.xx

————————————————————————————————————————–Dear Sarah


Just to say thank you so much for everything that you have done for me. It was so good to see you again and I knew that I had to see you before this second birth. You definitely assisted with baby coming naturally — 9lb 6oz baby boy 3 days early, no drugs, no tears.

Thank you once again, Sarah you are very good! And a lovely person

Lots of love


————————————————————————————————————————-Dear Sarah,


Your reflexology massage must have worked; I had my baby girl after an eight hour labour! (First baby) all went quick and your advice really helped!